Antoinette Monogrammes

Antoinette Monogrammes is a monogram font based on old embroideries in the early 20th century by Janon Co. 
This font includes Upright script capitals and Normal slanted script capitals and 24 fancy frames. 
By combining each letter and frame, you can make your own monogram. 
And Every letter and frame were added a handwritten effect to make a warm and handcrafted impression. 
How about making a monogram for a wedding card, scrapbook, stamp, logo?
Upright script capitals can be accessed by typing Uppercase keys(A, B, C ....) and Slanted script capitals by lowercase key(a, b, c ...).
Frames are 0-9 and exclamation mark(!), at mark(@), number sign(#), dollar($), percent(%), ascii circumflex(^), ampersand(&), asterisk(*), left and right brackets(()), period(.), comma(,), less and greater().
You need to arrange and set the position manually to finish making monograms. Please use graphic applications such as adobe illustrator or photoshop but not Microsoft word.