Baby Baby

Baby Baby, this super experimental family was designed especially for titles, logos, and all displays where need to be eye-catching.
Baby Baby is a flat, dry, cool, and mechanical font; in other words, the human sense was excluded by designing with straight mono lines even for bowls and connections.

The stripe styles — Baby Baby Upright and Slanted — have great impact, and they can be used solely.
The stripe lines are decomposed to individual font styles. You can see these styles as "Baby Baby Fill" family.
Baby Baby Fill family is composed of five mono-line styles which expand the stem width at equal intervals. By combining and stacking these styles, brand new, original style appears. The combination is up to you. Baby Baby "Open" family is available in the same way. 

As you noticed, This combination, stacking font is assumed to be used in colors.
Baby Baby "Color" family — colored-stripes, gradation style, Rim-effect — is one of the samples of layered color style. 
By coloring each style in different colors, Baby Baby has an infinite possibility.​​​​​​​
1. Type your text as you like.
2. Set font-name "Baby Baby Fill".
4. Duplicate the layer as many as you need.
5. Set font-style and color for new layers.
6. Stacked layers in different font-style and color make the text in new style.
For further detail,