Compasse is a semi-condensed sans-serif family designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, and the whole family consists of 12 styles: six weights from Thin to ExtraBold and their matching Italics. 
The range of styles provides flexibility for title, headline, and body text. And the large x-heights increases legibility and readability. 
The basic skeleton of their letterform was not designed over-modularly but moderately semi-modularly (adjusted by a designer’s experience). Therefore the typical artificiality and unnaturalness which come from module-design do not exist in this family. 
The sophisticated letterform and its universal, neutral, and standard design make it possible to be used across a wide range of applications in all media, all purposes. 
Compasse supports almost all European languages: Western, Central, South Eastern Europeans, and Afrikaans. And superior figures, inferior figures, denominators, numerators, and fractions can be accessed by using OpenType features.​​​​​​​