Kaneda Gothic

Kaneda Gothic is a whole new basic gothic.
Philosophically, Kaneda Gothic is one of the niche answers in the interspace between these antinomies.
Image of near-future and giant metropolis in the 80s, 90s vs our real life in the 2010s,20s.
What we acquired by industrial, scientific developments vs our emotional demands, imagination in our brain.
Design transition in short period of time vs the consistency of real function which laid along the human history.
Technically, Kaneda Gothic has a geometric letterform which called "gas pipe" or "Gothic" in a wood type era.
But Kaneda has very sharp curves and lines for contemporary demands, that is to say, impact and clearness.
The geometric and clear letterform is perfect for an eye-catching part such as company logo, movie title, and picture's captions.
Consists of seven weights and their matching italics. Supporting almost all Latin languages.​​​​​​​