The real handwriting script. Strong impression because of its heavy, wide, and speedy shape. Award-Winning No. 1 font 2007 at MyFonts.

Since its inception in mid-2006, Ryoichi Tsunekawa’s Flat-It foundry (Dharma Type) has published an impressive collection of script and display fonts.
Nothing, a name that is likely to cause confusion in some studios, is among their latest script faces. It’s been a hit ever since it came out in mid-August.
Its look is not so easy to describe: it’s spontaneous yet balanced, confident yet unassuming, elegantly connected yet technically simple.
It could have been hand-rendered with a brush by one of the few great American lettering artists working for Hollywood or Madison Avenue.
But as the PDF proudly states, it is from Nagoya, Japan – another winner from Flat-It, Dharma Type. —My Fonts