Extraordinary impact and visual conspicuousness.

Poipoi is a super 3D sans family for posters, logos and all display.
The basic idea is not a brand new. The Stacking type system has been used since before wood type age.
As you imagined, colored wood type(woodcut), many other engravings and contemporary printer machine print many colors separately with different printing plates for each color. 

Poipoi uses the same system for 3d effect. 
Please use Photoshop or Illustrator, or your favorite graphic design apps that can handle layers.
Layers are the printing plates of wood type. You should be able to change text color for each layer.

Poipoi "Standard" style is the base of this font family. 
You can add effects by stacking Highlight and shadow layers.
Stacked layers in different color make the text in 3D.

Poipoi Standard, Highlighted, and shadowed style can be used solely. 
Rounded terminals add soft, cute, and casual impressions to your design.
OpenType Format (.otf) with over 400 glyphs!
Basic Latin ✓
Western Europe ✓
Central Europe ✓
South Eastern Europe ✓
Mac Roman ✓
Windows 1252 ✓
Adobe Latin 1 ✓
Adobe Latin 2 ✓
Adobe Latin 3 ✓
Almost all Latins are covered.
1. Type your text as you like.
2. Set font-name "Poipoi" and font-style "Standard" 
3. Set color of "Standard" layer. 
4. Duplicate the "Standard" layer twice (One for Highlight, one for Shadow).
4'. The layer order should be Highlight, Standard, and Shadow     from top to bottom.
5. Set font-style and color of "Highlight" and "Shadow" layers.
6. Adjust tracking if you need. (Please use same tracking value for all 3 layers.)

For further detail, https://www.dropbox.com/s/xymis7dh5hwxn9q/Poipoi.pdf