Slow Tempo

Slow Tempo is a relaxed, loose-fit font that you can easily enjoy.

Slow Tempo has basic, natural and neutral letterforms and skeletons for a wide range of usage.
Though, there are some distinctive features.
As you can see, Slow Tempo has low curvature of the intersections between stem & shoulder or bowl and also has large & open apertures. Those features make this font relaxed.
The letterforms have low contrast and geometric shape to be neutral design, large x-height and humanistic terminal to be legible and distinguishable.

Slow Tempo consists of 8 weights and their matching Italics for a wide range of usages.
Further, Slow Tempo is supporting international Latin languages and basic Cyrillic languages including Basic Latin, Western Europe, Central and South-Eastern Europe. Also CSS covers Mac Roman, Windows1252, Adobe1 to 3. This wide range of international characters expands the capability of your works.